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How to Find (and Move) Your Spam and Trash Folders in the New Gmail Interface (Video Demo)

Like many, I’ve taken the plunge to upgrade to the new Gmail interface, only to find that many of the features I love have packed up and moved to a new home. When I recently upgraded to the latest Gmail layout, I found myself looking for my Google contacts, my beloved Spam folder, and a […]


How to Find Your Google Contacts in the New Gmail Interface (Video Demo)

Have you laid eyes on Gmail’s new look? [2018] If you haven’t, you probably want to stop everything you’re doing right now and take a peek. The new interface is fresh and cool, not to mention very helpful for staying productive. With the new interface you get to view your Google calendar, and there are […]


Email Signature Must-Do Setting for Gmail Users (Video Demo)

Tell me if this has happened to you… Have you ever needed to quickly access the phone number or address of a business acquaintance but their email signature is totally missing? You’re emailing someone back and forth and they mention that the address to their location is in their email signature but you don’t see […]

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