Tell me if this has happened to you… Have you ever needed to quickly access the phone number or address of a business acquaintance but their email signature is totally missing?

You’re emailing someone back and forth and they mention that the address to their location is in their email signature but you don’t see it because it’s hidden in a million and one responses from the emails you two have been sending back and forth.

You think, wait… How do I make sure this doesn’t happen to people who receive email responses from me?

Solve this problematic Gmail “default setting” with just one checkbox.

I’ve got the perfect tip to share a super sweet Gmail email signature setting that everyone must use so your email signature never gets lost when you’re in an email thread with someone.

This setting is for anyone who uses a email signature inside of Gmail webmail.

Let’s get down to business…

I recently had some communications with a client where every time she replied it ended up appending her signature to the bottom of the entire thread. Every time she wrote to me it would put her email where it should be, but put her signature all the way at the bottom or all our messages.  I recognized this behavior because it is a common setting on Gmail accounts.

There is a very quick and easy fix to the problem that she was having.  If you log into your Gmail inbox, all you do is you click on the settings gear in the upper right. Then you click on settings, and stay on the very first tab General and scroll down. In the signature area all you have to do is click off the checkmark that says insert this signature before the quoted text and viola… The problem is resolved.

You’ll just need to click save changes and you’re all set.

Want to see the difference this makes? Take a peek at the video for the details!

Again, this is an extremely easy fix. It’s one of those things that if you don’t realize that the default settings aren’t working in your favor, then you end up with these wonky communications back and forth.

In this case, after the settings were in place I was able to see her email signature information after clicking the three dots under her response. I hope you’ll use this sweet little fix to implement in your Gmail account.

Have you ever used this setting in Gmail? Tell me in the comments below.

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