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Replay: Expert Tips for Extracting Smooth-Like-Buttah Content from Marketing Magic

Voilà – the full call replay, jampacked with Marketing Magic setup tips and tricks:  Straight from Transcript Magic – generated in mere minutes – using the audio of the 1h14min Zoom call: We talked about exciting updates and features of Marketing Magic, including improvements in tone and language, website optimization tools, and the ability […]


How to Disable Your Gmail Spam Filter (+ why on earth to do that)

I get a DEEP sense of satisfaction reporting spammy emails as spam, so you’ll be surprised to hear that I have disabled the spam filter on a couple of my Gmail accounts. It all comes down to WHY I did it – which is a very easy explanation: I have a couple of Gmail accounts […]


Set Your Gmail Spam Folder to Show in the Sidebar Only When There’s Spam (in only 4 clicks)

How many emails are in your Spam folder? Most importantly – are you regularly checking what’s in that spam folder? I’d hate for you to miss real emails! Many people don’t see their spam folder because it hides out-of-sight / out-of-mind “below the fold” in the left column. I’m here with a 4-clicks-setting-change that will […]


Deadline Funnel Alternative – on a Lifetime Deal (that you *will* use and *won’t* regret)

🥳🥳 There’s FINALLY an (affordable) alternative to Deadline Funnel! 🥳 🥳 And it’s on a Lifetime Deal for $67 to $164*. I had my eye on Deadline Funnel on and off for years, and recently dropped $948 on a yearly subscription to their very fancy (and honestly, kinda complicated) email and landing page countdown software. […]


Turn Dropbox and Google Drive Links into One-Click Downloads

Make file downloading easier with this Direct-Download Link Trick!   With just a few simple tweaks, you can create direct download links for your PDF files in either Dropbox or Google Drive. Let’s walk through the process of creating one-click direct download links for your PDFs, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for users. You […]


Running out of storage in your Google Account? Find out what’s taking up space and what your options are for Gmail or Workspace.

I got a panicked message from a client the other day that her Gmail account was warning her that she was out of space and would soon stop receiving email. If you’ve ever had this happen, or have been watching the storage space freak-out-o-meter creeping towards 100%, you have some really simple options. Data storage […]


How to Host a Successful Digital Product Bundle Without a Team

Pre-TL;DR – After taking tens of thousands of dollars worth of trainings over the last 7 years, The Bundle Formula has been the most COMPREHENSIVE, the most HELPFUL and CLEAR step-by-step course I’ve ever taken… not to mention with the best course ROI. I cannot recommend this “How to Host a Successful Digital Product Bundle” […]


Google Horror Story – Make Sure You Control Your Google Workspace Account

I want to tell you a scary story. No spooky, like “around the campfire” scary story… … but like Business Owner scary story. In case you don’t read very far down this post, let me start with the moral of the story: BE SURE *YOU’RE* THE ONE IN CONTROL OF YOUR GOOGLE WORKSPACE ADMIN PANEL. […]

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