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/preview URL Trick for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Introducing: the “/preview” URL Trick for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides.At the end of the URL  in the address bar of any Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide:Swap out /edit (and whatever other characters come after it) for /preview and you or anyone who is allowed to view the file will see it without any menus. Some great recent cases for this /preview trick: […]


How to access / search for / insert emojis in Google Docs

In a Google Doc type a colon either at the start of a line or anywhere after a space, and the emoji search box will drop down, like this: Then, type in words to search for your emoji, like this: Fun, right?! 👍 🥳 🙌 😎 🤩   Want to know how I made those GIFs? Watch […]


How to Create a Short Demo-GIF (from a Video file)

I recently sent out an email about inserting Emoji in a Google Doc, including this GIF. After several people asked HOW I made it, I decided to record a quick tutorial! So let me show you how easy it is to turn a video into a GIF. Step 1: Record a Video To begin, you’ll […]


How to Disable Your Gmail Spam Filter (+ why on earth to do that)

I get a DEEP sense of satisfaction reporting spammy emails as spam, so you’ll be surprised to hear that I have disabled the spam filter on a couple of my Gmail accounts. It all comes down to WHY I did it – which is a very easy explanation: I have a couple of Gmail accounts […]


Set Your Gmail Spam Folder to Show in the Sidebar Only When There’s Spam (in only 4 clicks)

How many emails are in your Spam folder? Most importantly – are you regularly checking what’s in that spam folder? I’d hate for you to miss real emails! Many people don’t see their spam folder because it hides out-of-sight / out-of-mind “below the fold” in the left column. I’m here with a 4-clicks-setting-change that will […]


Deadline Funnel Alternative – on a Lifetime Deal (that you *will* use and *won’t* regret)

🥳🥳 There’s FINALLY an (affordable) alternative to Deadline Funnel! 🥳 🥳 And it’s on a Lifetime Deal for $67 to $164*. I had my eye on Deadline Funnel on and off for years, and recently dropped $948 on a yearly subscription to their very fancy (and honestly, kinda complicated) email and landing page countdown software. […]


Turn Dropbox and Google Drive Links into One-Click Downloads

Make file downloading easier with this Direct-Download Link Trick!   With just a few simple tweaks, you can create direct download links for your PDF files in either Dropbox or Google Drive. Let’s walk through the process of creating one-click direct download links for your PDFs, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for users. You […]


How To Convert An *Image* Of Text, To Actual Text (In Under A Minute) Using Google Keep

Have you ever MANUALLY RE-TYPED text you could see in an image / screenshot?I mean – typed out lots of text – sentences or paragraphs!Well, I’m here to save you from needless typing and show you how to convert an *image* of text, to actual text (in under a minute) using Google Keep. Here’s a 37-second demo […]

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