Wake up to a business that leaves room for life.

More organization, less chained-to-your-laptop. That’s what it’s all about.

So, you’re half scattered, half at a standstill.

On the surface, things look fine. Your latest IG post has you looking all fancy-schmancy at your recent brand shoot, and you think, “Hmm, I’d hire that person!” (You even raked in a TON of likes). But behind the scenes, your systems need a major spring cleaning.

Your files are everywhere, you can’t remember your password to all the million tech tools you’ve purchased, and you swear you spend WAY more time than the average person doing tasks that could be automated or delegated.

That’s where the “standstill” comes in. Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed with the digital mess – or what to do next in your business to move the needle – that you simply do nothing. In cases like these, #winehelps or #chocolatehelps. I’m all for delicious habits. 😉

time chaos

Don’t worry. We can fix this! 

*starts rolling up sleeves*

Sometimes you just need an outside expert to tap you on the shoulder and say, “Hey, lemme help you.” In a non-creepy way, of course.

And in case it wasn’t clear, I’m that expert. I’m Dara – a Google Tools Master who can help make your business run more efficiently. I know … “efficiently” doesn’t exactly scream “sexy” does it?

But please hear me when I say this:

A well-organized business is KEY to running a more successful business. 

Why? Because when the back end of your business runs smoothly, you’ll have more energy and bandwidth to focus on crucial revenue-generating activities – like following up with leads, delivering an amazing client experience, setting up a money-making sales funnel, or whatever else makes the most sense and moves the needle in your business. Plus hiring and delegating suddenly seem possible because you can actually let someone in behind the scenes.

Even better, getting organized doesn’t have to be difficult.

Imagine maximizing the Google tools you already know and love (like Gmail, Google Drive, and even your Google Chrome web browser that you use a million times a day!) to streamline your day and simplify your tasks. Don’t know about you, but I love it when I can get more bang for my buck. (And by the way, most Google tools are free - or cost less than one Starbucks transaction/glass of wine!).

Now for the obvious question: “But HOW?”

How do you go from having a digital dumpster fire to running a more organized, productive business?

When it comes to working with me, you’ve got options:

Option 1

Invest in one of my self-paced online courses.

Look, your schedule is probably crazy and you can’t always commit to “normal” meeting times. Maybe you do your best work super early in the morning or at ungodly hours of the night. In cases like these, my self-paced courses are perfect. You can do them on your own time, wearing whatever clothes you want (or no clothes at all, if that’s your thing. No judgement here. Just please don’t send pics...)

My online courses are easy to follow and have actionable steps to help you see real results in your business. Because there’s nothing worse than working through a marathon-of-a-course, only to come up for air... wondering what to do.

It's time to minimize confusion, info-scatter, and digi-clutter.

It's time to get productive!

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My #1-selling course – Get Productive with GSuite – has already helped thousands of people fall more in love with Google tools and use them in ways they never imagined. As I like to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” (I only say this in business. It doesn’t go over as well when I say it to my husband. Go figure.)

This is the first online course you've ever taken where every minute spent pays you back in exponential time savings and business growth.

If you’re like most people, you’re barely scratching the surface of how Google tools can help you run your business and step into your CEO role. And with that organization comes the ability to delegate, step away from your laptop, and enjoy a life outside of the office! *happy sigh*

While Get Productive with GSuite holds a special place in my heart, I know you’ll also love my other courses and tools to up your productivity game. So, click on over and browse away!  

Option 2

Book me for a VIP Strategy (or Implementation) Sesh. 

Oh, this is gonna be good! We’re about to spend three hours together getting laser-focused on your business. Whether you can already identify THE THING that’s holding your business back or you need me to play detective, I’ve got you!

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Copy of One-on-one (1) (1)

These three hour sessions are designed to identify the core inefficiencies in your business so that you can adjust, improve, and scale with ease. Because let’s face it, sometimes your brain hurts and you just want someone to tell you what to do! #adultingishard

With that said, my VIP sessions are also highly collaborative and done with you. We’ll talk things through, bounce ideas off each other, and decide what makes the most sense for business. I’ll come to the conversation wearing ALL my hats – my Google Tools Mastery hat, my Funnel Gorgeous Certified Master Marketer hat, my Been-an-Entrepreneur-for-Decades hat, and more. Watch out, because I’m a doer, too – so this isn’t just going to be “all talk, no action.”

All this to say – you’ll have a well-rounded business expert at your disposal. You’ll also walk away with the peace of mind that only comes from sweet, sweet clarity.


20-minute clarity call.

1 VIP Half-Day session (3 hours) over Zoom.

Concrete strategies/next steps for streamlining your business.

Investment: $597 USD for a 3-hour session.

dara-sklar-web2 (1)

So, what will we chat about?

Pick a topic, any topic:

Your tech systems, tools & integrations

Your backlog or mess of files, folders, passwords (need I go on?)

Your funnels – sales pages, opt-in pages, email sequences, etc.

Your ongoing email marketing efforts

And more

Basically, name any part of the customer journey, and I’ll meet you there!

let's do this

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That’s strange. I wrote this whole page without a Friends reference.

Hmm, I must be losing my 90s edge. If you already read my “Get to Know Me” page, you know I’m an unabashedly big fan of Friends. You also know that I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since I was six years old, when I shamelessly started selling kisses to my parents. What can I say? I liked money. (A budding entrepreneur’s gotta do what a budding entrepreneur’s gotta do.)

Since I’m no longer six, and no longer selling kisses, I’ve honed my talents further. More recently, I’ve been channelling my marketing and sales savvy into helping small businesses get and stay organized so that they can run more efficiently. I guess you could say it was a small but mighty PIVOT in my own business.


And … there it is. I just couldn’t help myself! (You knew the moment you saw the word PIVOT what was coming, didn’t you?)

On that note, contact me if you’re ready to reorganize, uplevel, or PIVOT your biz. 

(But not move your couch. Pay for the delivery, Ross.)

See what I did there? I know. I’m good.