I think we can all agree that video meetings have surged in the last couple of years, and “Zoom” is being used as a verb almost as much as Google.

Well, I’m here to make sure you know how to (almost) instantly turn any Calendar appointment into a Zoom Meeting… by installing the Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension.

It is just two quick clicks to set it up:

  • Install the Chrome Extension
  • Sign into your Zoom account

And now the Google Calendar and Zoom integration is ready to use:

  • Credit/edit any calendar appointment, and voila! You will see the Brilliant Blue Time-Saving button “Make it a Zoom Meeting”

  • When you click Make it a Zoom Meeting, you’ll have a host of security and other settings to select, including (among others): passcode, waiting room and automated recording settings. Make your selections and click Continue, and your unique Zoom link is filled into the location field on the Calendar.
  • Copy and send that Zoom link, or invite your meeting attendees directly through the calendar invite.

Easy peasy! Presto Manifesto! Zoom integrates with Google Calendar and all is well with the world.