Google Slides deserve some attention in this series, and I’m going to give you a few goodies in one go.

If you know, love and use Google Slides, you’ll be sure to appreciate a few of my favorites:

  • Start a new presentation from scratch by typing (or into your address bar.
    However, who wants to start a design from scratch? Get a Google Slide template
  • Group elements together by using your Shift key and clicking on each item (this works in Canva, too).
  • Keep the elements grouped together by clicking Arrange > Group. You can group text and images, or multiple images with each other. This is great when you’re lining up a bunch of logos or icons, for example.
  • Speaking of lining up – you can use the above-mentioned grouping to help you align your elements. Left-align your items, center them, align by the top edge. This is a great exercise to go through when double checking and proofing your content. How? Group two or more items together and click Arrange > Align and choose the alignment you need.

And my pièce de résistance #accentscauseispeakfrench – and by the way, this ALSO works in Canva…

  • No more “eyeballing” or using the “Position” settings to get something to appear in the same spot. If you want an element (image, text) to appear in the exact same place on a different slide or page, select it, copy it, and go to the desired location and paste it. It will paste in the same location. For example, let’s say you want the same text in the lower right of every slide – well you surely also want it in the same spot so when you flip through the slides, you don’t see the text jump.
  • Bonus: Use the shift key when you drag elements around to keep them in the same horizontal or vertical line.