It’s nearly midnight PST and I’m (silent) (zoom) coworking with my Biz Bestie, Dama Jue.

Tomorrow (well, actually in like 0.67 hours), Dama is launching her Lazy Funnel Bundle.

I think it’s really easy to ignore/underestimate/forget HOW MUCH WORK goes on behind the scenes in any business that launches a product, a service, an offer, a summit, a podcast, a blog or… a BUNDLE.

Purely from that Behind-The-Scenes perspective, I would love to tell you what’s amazing and unique about what Dama has done…

  • she took all the contributors’ submissions in through an Airtable form – asking for headshots, graphics, descriptions, blurbs, links, coupon codes, etc – basically creating a database, and then used all that data to streamline everything that came next…
  • she put together DIVINE automations – like, drool worthy coolness – that have allowed her (a one-woman-show) to send personalized updates, links, copy, graphics, emails, and more. [I am hounding her to create a sneak-peek at how she did it all.]
  • she even REJECTED contributions to her bundle (manually, despite my earlier references to automations) that weren’t suitable for her audience or aligned with her vision of what she was pulling together
  • silly side note >> She talked to me about her bundle plans for at least TWO MONTHS before she asked if I’d like to contribute. It had literally been like talking party plans with your friend for 2 months but her not asking, “what are you wearing to my party?!” 😂 #assumemakesanassofuandme

^^ This was Dama and I just 3 weeks ago, meeting in person for the first time after Zoom coworking together since Sept 2020!) and then sharing a hotel room for a week while we attended a conference together in Nashville!

  • Dama puts my tech-forward brain to shame with her understanding and execution of affiliate programs, ThriveCart (not just the tech, but design too!), Deadline Funnel, email segmentation, and all the other tools that most of us mortals (aka online small business people) have been learning for years.
  • she writes the snappiest sales copy and the most thorough and supportive emails for her affiliates, her customers, and her audience.
  • she’s fun, sassy, and an industry disruptor, and I love being in her orbit.
  • did I mention Dama’s automation skill dreaminess?

Basically, I’m trying to tell you – follow this girl. She’s worth knowing.

But for TODAY, I want you to know that the super amazing bundle ~ SO VERY APTLY NAMED The Lazy Funnel Bundle ~ that Dama has been working on: a curation of courses, programs, templates (omg, so many templates), swipe files, and tools that will help you build or improve your business… is officially for sale.

For just $99 you can get access to over $9,300 worth of goodies from big names like Nikki Clark, Rose Guthrie, Elizabeth Goddard, Kathie of BluChic, Styled Stock Society, Steph Taylor, and dozens more*.

*including… MEEEEE!

For example, have you ever wondered how to ORGANIZE your DIGITAL PHOTOS?

I (kind of secretly) created a whole course about how to use Google Photos to organize and back up your personal and business photos (and so much more)… and it is available (just for the next 7 days) inside the Lazy Funnel Bundle!

Beyond Productive (with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and PHOTOS!) is regularly priced at $297, so snapping it up inside the $99 bundle is basically a no-brainer.

I could continue to shout the virtues of both Dama and the collaboration that she has facilitated, but my ONE ASK is that you read this page:

Obviously, you’re also welcome to snap it up 😎 while you’re there, you smart cookie!

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you how cool a tool BUNDLES are. I’ve learned so much from following Dama’s journey, but also as a contributor, and I think it’s worth the transparency.

Stay tuned,
Dara 🙂

p.s. So proud of you, Dama!! 🥳🔥 🥰 🤯

p.p.s. YES! That’s an affiliate link. If you purchase the Lazy Funnel Bundle, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I would NEVER recommend something I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in and/or wouldn’t buy myself in a heartbeat.