TL;DR: Bundles are awesome. And having access to the gold-standard turnkey system to host a bundle? Priceless. And worth looking at more closely.

On Wednesday, my friend Dama walked through the results of her Lazy Funnel Bundle.

She didn’t just talk about the money from sales of the bundle, but the residual revenue as a side effect of hosting a bundle as strategy in her business.

When I was a contributor in her bundle, I had zero thought that I would ever host one.

  • But then I watched sales roll in… to the tune of more money than I make in a year.
  • And I watched her network of affiliates continue to feed her business for months later.
  • And I saw how she hosted a GOLD STANDARD bundle *experience* with dozens of contributors and hundreds of buyers almost by herself.
…And I thought, maybe I *could* *SHOULD* host a bundle.
I certainly *would* if I had Dama’s system.

So myself and several other contributors had a literal INTERVENTION and begged Dama to sell us her system for hosting a systems-smooth and wildly-successful bundle.

Sidebar 1: It was in that group chat that The Bundle Formula got its name!

Sidebar 2: What a pleasure it is to be around for a BIG IDEA right from its inception! 😍

My bundle:
Fast forward to mid-August and, armed with Dama’s complete system – including all the templates, graphics, websites, automations, copy and material I need – I started asking my friends and colleagues if they would contribute to MY upcoming bundle.

Now skip another 3 weeks ahead and let me tell you that I have over SIXTY contributions to my bundle! Products/templates/systems/trainings ranging in value from $17 to $199 to the tune of a total of over $5,200 worth of digital goodies.

Friend, that means that I, Dara Sklar – who three months ago swore that I would never be interested in hosting a bundle – have just pulled together over 60 people, and convinced them to contribute $5,200+ of digital assets for us to sell?!

That’s just 🤯🤯🤯.

And because I’m not one to count chickens before they hatch, I have been trying REALLY hard NOT to get excited about the financial prospects of this bundle.


Then Dama sent out an infoession replay email with the subject “BUNDLE MATH,” and …
I peeked.
I calculated.
I… counted chickens 🐣.

And now I HAVE to share this calculation with you:

  • I have 60 contributors. If their *average* email list size is 2,000 subscribers, and 80% of these contributors promote with at least one email…
    (60 x 2000 x 0.8 = 96,000 emails sent)
  • …Then even if only 0.5% of their email list buys the $99 bundle,
    (96,000 x 0.005 = 480 bundles)
    that’s ~$48k in gross sales… with half of that staying in my pocket.
Yes, those are rough numbers and no, they’re not a guarantee, but these are conservative numbers based on Dama’s bundle and those of her clients.

Soooooo you can imagine how good I’m feeling about my $2,000 investment in the system that is helping me count the above-mentioned 🐣

*I’m talking about Bundle Formula, of course*

Bundle possibilities:
I’m not writing this to show off about money I hope to make from my bundle.

I’m writing to you to show you the possibilities of a bundle.

Since 2015, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on online courses and programs (some costing as much as $3k for self-study!).

So it was with that perspective that I said to Dama the other day that I had never been part of a “course” (quotes because Bundle Formula is wayyyy more than a course) that was so turn-key-make-your-money-back-and-more than Bundle Formula is.

Case in point: I have 60+ contributors  in 3 weeks, when at the start of August I hadn’t even conceived of my bundle’s *name* (it’s the Tiny Team Toolkit, btw).

Turn. Key.

If hosting a bundle is on your radar in the next 12 months, then this is the perfect time to get in to the Bundle Formula because of the support (and community) being provided this time.

Just getting a chance to listen in on Dama’s gold-standard advice and coaching is a reason to do this now instead of later. Haven’t we all attended calls because they are aspirational?
I know I have and do, all the time.

I would love to see you inside Bundle Formula with me.
I might even love to contribute to YOUR upcoming bundle!

My pinky promise:
You know I don’t recommend things that I don’t believe are worth it.
The Bundle Formula is the most worth-it hells-to-the-yeah thing that I’ve ever promoted.

Your next steps:
Think about it. Watch the replay.
Crunch Numbers
. Count 🐣.

Bundle Debrief + Infosession – available until Sept 13.