Have you ever felt compelled to clear the surface of your desk before digging into a project? Or clear your kitchen counters before you start cooking*?

Last night, after impulse-buying a snowblower online while lying in bed (shhh don’t tell my husband – it’s a surprise!), I decided I would go through my phone apps and uninstall all the apps that I don’t use.

Rather than having the unused apps nag at me because I thought that eventually I would try them / use them, I went the opposite way and decided to release them from the clutter in my icon folders.

Which brings me to Deep Thoughts By Dara as we near the end of 2021:

It’s ok to let go of items on your to-do list rather than allowing the list to grow more than it shrinks.

Sometimes this looks like getting rid of the “one day they’ll fit me again” clothes.

Sometimes it looks like deciding you don’t HAVE to finish that online course you bought but isn’t currently serving you.

Sometimes it just means you can archive those emails from the last 6+ months that are plaguing the bottom of your inbox. Just give in – release them and move on. It’s a freeing feeling.

“Sometimes productivity looks like white space” – Dara Sklar

I have a massively long to-do list and I’m also working furiously to complete many things before the end of 2021 – chasing that sense of accomplishment for year-end.

I find it too easy to get caught up in the all the things I have to do, and I have to keep reminding myself of what I’ve accomplished in the last 12 months (hint: it’s been a lot).

Based on the above-mentioned Deep Thought, my goal in 2022 is not to open more loops than I close. You heard it here – please hold me to it!

How’s your year-end prep coming along?

Want to join me on the less-is-more bandwagon?


p.s. Speaking of to-do-list items… Do-or-die, my freebie-that’s-so-good-people-would-pay-for-it “Top 40 Google Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Been Using All Along” is thiiiiiis close to being finished. Sign up to get your copy. Surely it’ll be done by the time you see this blog!

*I don’t mean to imply that I cook – heh – this was an example YOU might relate to!