Every time you create a new file in Google Drive (unless you create it in a folder or move it intentionally into a folder), it sits loosely in the main (top level) Google Drive.

For most people, that means dozens or even hundreds of loose files, “unfiled” inside of Google Drive.

If you name your files carefully, and/or have no trouble finding files when you need them, then don’t worry – keep on keeping on. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But if the look of chaos in your Drive makes you want to cut and run, then here’s an easy trick that will relieve you of the clutter feel in about 3 seconds flat (ok, maybe 30 seconds).

Create a new folder in the top level of Google Drive, and name it “z-Loose Files” (or something similar, starting with a z so that it alphabetically sits at the bottom of the list of folders).

Select all your loose files and drag and drop them into the z-Loose Files folder. (Depending on file volume and source, you may prefer to do this in page-long chunks of files into the Loose Files folder.

Now, the files are still all in NEARLY the same place (one click further away), but the visual clutter is gone. On a rainy day, maybe you’ll pick through the Loose Files and put them away properly… or maybe not. But certainly the clean slate will incentivize you to keep the accumulation of loose files at bay.

If you’re itching to take it one step further, there’s a full Google Drive Purgefest section in the Google Drive Module of Get Productive with G Suite – the best $37 course you’ll ever buy.