How many emails are in your Spam folder?

Most importantly – are you regularly checking what’s in that spam folder?
I’d hate for you to miss real emails!

Many people don’t see their spam folder because it hides out-of-sight / out-of-mind “below the fold” in the left column.

I’m here with a 4-clicks-setting-change that will set your Gmail Spam Folder to show – but only if there’s anything in it!

Here’s how:

Click this link to go directly to the settings screen in the screenshot below:


1. Click the gear in the upper right, and then See all settings.
2. Click Labels
3. Look for Spam, and click on “show if unread”

The end.

See? Less than 2 minutes. Only 4 clicks.

I love a good clean Gmail sidebar, but not if it means that I’m forgetting to check and make sure important emails aren’t landing in an overactive spam folder!

Now you’ll be able to keep an eye on that Spam folder, and make sure good emails don’t land there. Heck, you can even EMPTY that sucker to make it disappear below the line until the next spam message lands in it!


  • If an email lands in spam that isn’t supposed to be there, click “not spam” when you open it up. It will land back in your inbox (in chronological order based on its date).
  • In theory, Gmail also learns from you reporting it as not spam, but if that doesn’t work, and important emails keep landing there, it’s likely because of some bad settings on the senders end.
  • If an important sender’s emails keep landing in spam, create a FILTER to never send their emails to spam.