Did you know that Gmail has built-in Reply Template functionality? (Fun Fact: These used to be called “Saved Replies”.)

This is perfect if you often send the same emails and want to have them saved – including any links, images and formatting. (This used to be called “Canned Responses”.)

Start by enabling the feature on your Gmail account:

  • Click the Gear (upper right) >
  • See all settings >
  • Advanced tab >
  • Under Templates, click the “Enable” radio button >
  • Click the Save Changes button at the bottom
How to activate the Reply Templates in Gmail (2022)

Create your first Gmail Reply Template:

  • Click the + Compose button >
  • Delete your email signature from the text area if there is one >
  • Type in or paste in the content for the template you are about to create >
  • Click the three dots on the lower right beside the trash can >
  • Click Templates
  • Click Save draft as template
  • Click Save as new template
  • Enter a new template name
    tip: if this will be an email you use from scratch (not a reply), then use the email subject you’ll be using as the template name
  • Click Save
  • Discard the email you composed by clicking the garbage can on the lower right
Create a Gmail Reply Template

Put Your Gmail Reply Template into action:

To use the reply template that you’ve just created, either reply to an email you’d like to use it in, or compose a new message from scratch.

  • Put your cursor where you want the template text inserted, and click the three dots on the lower right of the compose window (beside the trash can) >
  • Click Templates >
  • Click on the template you just created and named from the “Insert Template” section
  • Modify the text to suit, and click send!
    tip: composing emails at odd hours but don’t want to be sending emails outside of business hours? click the triangle beside the Send button, choose Schedule send and pick the send date/time of your choosing!
Use Your Gmail Reply Template

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