Yup, I’m FORTY. I’m not sure how that happened. I mean, I feel like I’m 25.

The gray hairs say otherwise. The crinkles when I smile say otherwise. My improved wisdom says otherwise.

[My smart-assed nature, on the other hand… has always been around.]

And amazingly, I have arrived at forty having recently achieved a number of long-term goals that I’ve been working towards for years.

I started off 2017 with one main goal: SIMPLIFY.
Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s not a Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely goal. Simplify is the THEME of my goals.

I can barely express how freeing it is to be this on top of things throughout my life and business…

    • I am finally debt-free! (Yup, been carrying that weight on my shoulders and on my line of credit since 2008, believe it or not. WOOT!)
    • I got rid of a bunch of crap. My husband and I moved in together after each having our own apartment in two different cities for the last couple of years. We consolidated, and were able to get rid of all our duplicates and surplusses, and we organized the rest of our belongings. Feels soooo good!
    • I narrowed my business focus and obligations; Quality over Quantity. At the start of 2017, I had FOUR jobs/businesses/contracts AND was managing our rental property.  Much as I like to think I’m SuperWoman, no one can do a halfway decent job at that many different obligations. We sold the house, I finished the contracts, and I’m now down to just two business focuses.
    • I feel amazing, physically (and mentally).I decided to do something “extreme” so that I could FEEL as GOOD as POSSIBLE for the big day (and thereafter). Much to my husband (aka drinking partner)’s chagrin, I embarked on the Whole30. I have loved the overall feeling of improved health, constant alertness, and it has been great to discover that I’m just as energetic and goofy whilst sober :).


  • I cranked up my productivity by getting hyper-organized throughout my business and life. I now have templates set up, procedures documented, passwords logged and selectively and securely shared, computer files and photos backed up and easy to find, my emails all searchable, and my personal emergency file in place (y’know, now that I’m 40!).

    ^^ This deep level of feeling organized is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    It’s the culmination of many efforts over several years… going paperless, finding the right technologies (and learning to use them), doing my taxes on time, scaling my business, and delegating more and more… just to name a few.


I’ve created a course all around getting DIGITALLY ORGANIZED.

It’s called Digital Life Mastered. It’s a hyper-supportive digital course that helps busy entrepreneurs gain mastery and control over their business by becoming truly organized – once and for all.

SO – If you trust me enough to know that I’m going to knock your socks off…

AND – If you could stand to get your digital life in order (your computer files, your passwords, your apps, all ORGANIZED, BACKED UP), and supercharge your PRODUCTIVITY as a result…

THEN – I’m offering you this course at a pre-sale price while the course is still being produced…

Read more about it here.