You already know how easy it is to share Google Docs with others – whether as collaborators (where they can edit your document in real time) or as viewers (where they can see your document in its most recent version, but can’t edit it).

But have you ever noticed that Google Docs has a “Publish to the web” option?

It’s a pretty cool feature, where instead of the person you are sharing with seeing a Google Doc – asking them to sign in, potentially seeing that others are currently viewing the same document, and seeing your cursor if you are live-updating it, they see a web page.

Here are two samples of the top of the same document – one as a shared doc and one published as a web page:

The steps to publish any Google Doc as a web page are simple:
Click File > Publish to the web > choose the settings you want > click Publish.

From there, grab the share URL and distribute as desired.

I highly recommend using a URL shortener like bitly or a WordPress redirect plugin to turn it into a nice-looking (shorter) URL.