What if you could reboot your computer any time and pick up all the open tabs where you left off?

Also, why do people us the number seventeen to describe “a lot” of something? I’ve always wondered. And yet, here I am, using that myself – talking about having 17 billion (clearly an exaggeration) tabs open.

Here’s the thing: multi-tasking is in our culture. It’s in our habits. It’s practically in our blood. And it’s definitely in our web browsers.

And that means: OPEN TABS. Lots of open tabs. Lots of windows open.

Here’s how to make sure you never lose your place: set up Chrome to re-open the tabs where you left them off.

    1. Open Chrome’s settings with the three dots in the upper right:
    2. In the search bar at the top, type in “left” and then choose the “Continue where you left off” radio button:
    3. Close the settings tab. That’s it!

If all your tabs are open in one Chrome window, you can safely close that window and when you re-open Chrome (in the same Chrome profile), all those tabs will reopen, too.

If you have multiple windows open, each with their own tabs, you’ll have to shut down all of Chrome and reopen it to have all of the windows and tabs reopen (as would happen during a computer reboot).

This is just one little setting that you adjust now, that will pay you back in efficiency over and over again. You’re welcome!