Trying to name files properly drives most people crazy.

But there’s one incredibly simple thing you can consider when you name a file that will truly be kinder to every person you ever send files to.

Let me get on my soapbox and say:
IF A FILE IS LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER, include your name (or company name) when you name the file!

Here’s a great example. If you sent your resume to a prospective employer, would you name that file “MyResume.pdf”?

Please say no.

Imagine the manager receiving tons of emails each with attachments called “resume.pdf”?

You – you’re smarter. You would name that file after yourself, right? “Resume-Your-Name.pdf”, right? RIGHT?

I’m just going to jump back on that soapbox and remind you that if you are sharing a file or folder, or sending it out of your computer, make sure that the file name MAKES SENSE for the recipient. That it’s descriptive enough for them to know what the file or folder contains.

No one needs to have a folder in their share documents called…

That folder naming by number probably makes sense inside the computer of the company that shared them with mebut in my own filing system? Nope.  Not searchable. Not logical. Not memorable. Not clear.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? The intended use of your file should dictate how thoroughly and thoughtfully you name the file.

If it’s going to stay on your own computer forever, and never be seen, clicked on or perused by anyone other than you – by all means, name it as cryptically or vaguely as you like.

But the moment you are sharing files to the outside world – do everyone a favor, and be descriptive. Add a date. Add your name. Add your company name.

Don’t be night guy.