One of the best things about using Google Chrome on your computer, tablet, laptop, phone is that it can sync your passwords and bookmarks (to each of those devices).

You just have to sign into Chrome (using your Google account – like your Gmail login) to take advantage of that syncing feature.

But – two things.

  1. A lot of us sign into multiple Google Accounts, which can create confusion with which account’s Google Drive is storing files or which Google Calendar is saving appointments, for example.
  2. A lot of us wear more than one hat throughout the day. Work. Personal. Kids. Family. Volunteer gig. Side hustle. 

Enter: Chrome Profiles – the solution to wearing multiple hats and getting confused about which is which.

You may have already been prompted to create separate Chrome profiles when signing into a second or third Google account, or you may already have profiles, and not quite understand what they are.

In a nutshell, each Chrome Profile houses its own…

  • bookmarks
  • saved passwords
  • search history
  • reading list

Which means that you can separate your business and personal web browsing. Or your volunteer work and your business. 

Here’s how to add a new Chrome Profile:

  • click the circle in the upper right (your photo or initial)
  • click + Add
  • follow the prompts!

And, if you have some profiles that you created when you got click-happy and said yes without reading what you were being prompted for, you can clean up the profiles by clicking your photo in the far upper right corner, then clicking the gear.

Clicking the gear will create a pop up like this one.

Click the three dots in the upper right of the profile you want to edit or delete.

If deleting, read the warning before clicking yes!