Wouldn’t it be nice if Drive’s “Shared with me” wasn’t just a dumping ground of every document link you’ve ever clicked, and every random file that’s ever been shared with you?

Sadly, you can’t actually rename, sort or organize Drive’s “Shared with me,” so the solution is to create shortcuts, and organize/rename THOSE.

To create a shortcut of a document shared with you, within your Drive:

  • right click on the file or folder inside Shared with me and click “Add Shortcut to Drive”


  • drag the file/folder and drop on My Drive on the left side bar

Once the shortcut is in your Drive, right click on the shortcut and click Rename (under Shortcut options).

Choose a detailed shortcut name to help you find it easily in future.

Tip: You can create a folder full of these renamed shortcuts, or you can put them each in relevant folders.

p.s. (Hack #15) This blog post is part of a series called Top 40 Google Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Been Using All Along. Download the whole handy Top 40 Google Hacks PDF.