I’ve got an amazing tech tip to share and it’s all about how to store your Canva design files in an easy-to-find place without hunting them down.

I create lots of graphics, and when I’m creating something inside of Photoshop, I always save the Photoshop PSD file in the same folder as I save the final product such as a JPEG, PNG,  or PDF.

In fact, I find that to simply be a good internal policy. That way, when I want to go and edit a file in future, I know exactly where my editable PSD file is. So all I need to do is open that folder where the image is stored, open the corresponding Photoshop file, make my changes, and use it to create a new version of the image file. So this is a super-logical approach if you’re working in a program that runs on your computer, like Photoshop.

But what if you’re working on an online application like Canva?

If you’ve heard about Canva you’ve surely fallen in love with it! Canva is one of the coolest tools for creating amazing graphics. Not only is it super fun to use but it’s a favorite of graphics newbies, graphics superheroes, and not so graphic designers alike.  You get to create free graphic designs and they have all kinds of templates for you to use so you can fake-it-til-you-make-it, regardless of your design skills.

Can we say total win? Canva is so great to use and many people love it but there’s a problem. There’s always a massive clutter of all of the Canva files you’ve created and edited on the home page.

I’ve recently had an epiphany, which is why I wanted to share this tech tip with you.

How to store your Canva design files in an easy-to-find place

The solution is simply to save the link to the Canva project into the folder I use for to store my output files (the JPG/PDF that I download from Canva). Basically, I’m using the same internal process for graphics created in Canva, as I always do for graphics created in Photoshop!

Ok, Dara, but how do you save a LINK into a FOLDER?!

Since Canva’s program is completely online, and the working document is not a standalone file that you can save to your computer, you can follow this simple trick to save your Canva design into the logical place where you can easily find it!

The good news is that this works both on Mac and PC so it’s a friendly little teach tip for everyone. Everyone gets the green light on this one if you’re working in Google Chrome!

Here’s the video demo for you to follow along, or you can read on for the explanation:

What you’ll do is open up the folder on your computer where you’ll want to save your Canva design. As I mentioned above, I do this in the folder where I have saved the output files (the images or PDFs that I’ve created in Canva).

Once you open up your desired folder, hover over the word “Secure” in the address bar at the top of your Chrome web browser. (It’s in green and has a lock symbol beside it, and the https: appears to its right). Then click on Secure and drag it into the open folder on your computer.

It’s a quick little drag and drop feature that will save your Canva design link to your graphic right into your selected folder.

For instance, if I was working on my social media graphics and I had a folder named social media, I could drag my Canva design links right into that folder so that I knew exactly where to find it when I need it. It’s so mind-blowing to see just how simple that is and how much time that will save me every time I want to create more social media graphics!

Now that you have your Canva design link saved in a folder, you can access it at anytime and make all the changes you need whenever you need to. You won’t have to go sorting and sifting through all of the Canva files in your Canva account and you’ll save a ton of time and frustration without hunting down your designs. Especially if months later, when you’ve created tons of other designs, since!

I’m seriously going to take a few seconds to do this with everything I create in Canva? Will you?

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