I get a DEEP sense of satisfaction reporting spammy emails as spam, so you’ll be surprised to hear that I have disabled the spam filter on a couple of my Gmail accounts.

It all comes down to WHY I did it – which is a very easy explanation:

I have a couple of Gmail accounts where I forward ALL emails to another account… and if emails that are NOT SPAM get caught in the spam filter… they don’t get forwarded!

^^ Read that again. It’s important if you auto-forward emails. ^^

The workaround – so that I don’t miss any emails forwarding – is to disable the spam filter on the email account that is forwarding.

This means that spam gets forwarded too, and the account that’s receiving everything does the spam filtering.

I often see clients’ inboxes where they’ve been forwarding all their mail from one account but then missed/overlooked emails that get caught in the originating account’s Spam folder.

I’m just here with this spam-filtering-email-forwarding PSA, in case it applies to you 😁.

Here’s how:

Start by clicking in the Gmail search box at the top of your email

1. type some gibberish in the "doesn't have" field 2. click "create filter"

3. check the "never send it to spam" box 4. click "create filter"

Hope that helps! If you have questions or want to strategize, check out my online course Get Productive with G Suite, which includes a full module on all things Gmail AND comes with monthly office hours… all for just $37.