Let me just come right out and say it. I love Facebook groups. We all do! We love the support. We love the friendship. We love the resources and connections.

But what happens when we look up, and we’ve joined 20 or more groups… Oh! I know… we start feeling overwhelmed not knowing how we’re going to keep up with them all.

Someone recently asked me how to more easily keep track of Facebook Groups they’re a part of. They recently switched to Google Chrome so this tip and trick sesh is a two for one!

That’s right superstar! I’m talking about Chrome bookmarks, and how to take control of all the Facebook groups you’re in, and how to have your favorite Facebook groups show up the way that you want.

Let’s get this party started! So if you go to your Facebook homepage you can see the shortcuts to your Facebook groups on the left-hand side of the screen. You used to be able to able to drag them around in the order that you want. Now it’s not easy to make sure that your shortcuts are in the right order and so it’s a little bit frustrating when you’re trying to remember the name of a group or easily find the one that you go to most often.

So here’s what that solution is…

If you are on your Facebook homepage and you go down to explore and click groups, you’ll be able to access the groups page. This is the page that shows all the groups you’re a member of.  In the video above, I’ve gone over to the groups page. Now, what you’re going to do is create a folder inside your chrome bookmarks and save each one of these group links to that folder.

You will do this by right-clicking on the bookmarks bar in the browser. You will then choose add folder and you’ll name your folder. I named my folder fbg because I like to keep things as short as possible so that I can make sure I can fit as many shortcut folders as I can in my bookmarks bar. This is partly why I use these sort of shortcut folders so that I can keep a lot of things that are all related to each other in one folder.

Now that you have your folder, you can simply drag the Facebook links on the group names themselves right into your handy dandy folder. I know. So epic, right! As you drag each link into the folder you’ll magically create bookmarks for each one of your Facebook group links. You can selectively pick and choose which Facebook groups you want to bookmark – that is, you don’t have to create bookmarks to ALL your groups – just the ones that you want to have easy access to!

Once all of your bookmarked links are in your folder you can rearrange the order of them simply by dragging them where you want. You can also rename them. So if you wanted to rename one of these groups, all you would have to do is right click, choose edit and then it will allow you to change the name of it. So, if you want to name it something different for your own reference, then you can.

So that’s my super-simple solution for keeping up with your favorite Facebook groups. I love my Chrome bookmarks because they’re synchronized across both of my computers as well as my phone.

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