I recently sent out an email about inserting Emoji in a Google Doc, including this GIF. After several people asked HOW I made it, I decided to record a quick tutorial!

GIF demonstrating where to place the colon in order to see the emoji search drop down.

So let me show you how easy it is to turn a video into a GIF.

Step 1: Record a Video
To begin, you’ll need to record a video that you want to convert into a GIF. Now, here’s where things get a little meta. I’m recording myself recording myself to demonstrate this process. #Inception 😂

Step 2: Download the Video File
Once you’ve recorded your (short) video masterminipiece, it’s time to download it. Save it in your downloads folder without worrying about giving it a fancy name. We’re all about efficiency here!

Step 3: Upload the Video to ezGIF
Now, let’s transform that video into a mesmerizing GIF. To do this, we’ll be using an awesome free tool called ezGIF. Upload your video to the tool, and voila!

Step 4: Cropping the Video
Not every part of your screen in your video is necessary, so use the cropping feature in EzGIF to focus on the just what you want to show.

Step 5: Turn the Video to a GIF
Set the start and end time (in seconds), trimming the video down to just show what you’re trying to highlight.

Step 6: Adjust the Speed
Watch your GIF and see how you feel about the speed. If you’ve created a quick demo, you might want to speed it up. It loops, after all, so people will rewatch the sequence until they understand what’s happening. In my video above, I sped mine up to 150%.

Step 7: Saving and Sharing Your GIF
Once you’re happy with the GIF, click save and name it accordingly, saving it to a folder you’ll know to look in (or maybe straight to Google Drive).

Congratulations, you’ve just created a powerful visual asset that can be used in emails, presentations, or anywhere you want to grab attention and showcase your expertise.

GIFs are perfect for visually drawing attention and demonstrating ideas. They’re the ultimate attention-grabbers, and are super quick and easy to create.

You’ll be amazed at the impact a well-crafted GIF can have.

Happy GIF-ing, my friend!