Have you ever MANUALLY RE-TYPED text you could see in an image / screenshot?
I mean – typed out lots of text – sentences or paragraphs!
Well, I’m here to save you from needless typing and show you how to convert an *image* of text, to actual text (in under a minute) using Google Keep.

Here’s a 37-second demo video:

  • Save the image to your computer, or copy it to your clipboard
  • Open Google Keep
  • Create a new note and upload from your computer, or paste in the image
  • Wait about 5-10 seconds, then click the 3 dots on the bottom of the note
  • Choose Grab Image Text
  • Voila! Ready for you to copy/paste, instead of re-type!

Note that the text won’t be formatted… but at least you won’t have to retype it!