If you’re anything like me, you have lots of tabs open across the top of Google Chrome all. the. time.

You don’t have to lose your all your open tabs in Google Chrome when you reboot, or your computer crashes, or your laptop battery dies… Here’s a really quick setting in Google Chrome to fix your tab-losing woes.

This is a really quick setting inside Google Chrome that you may not know about.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been a victim of it. We’ve all been there. Done that. Worn that t-shirt and lived to face palm hoping our tabs were saved after we got so focused on a project that our laptop died even though we got a notification to plug it in at 15%. We quickly ignore it and the computer goes dead taking our precious Google Chrome tabs with it!

Your screen goes blank and you’re sitting there between “Please! Let me be able to find that website I was on,” and, “Well… THAT just happened. Now what?”

Somehow you muster up the courage to plug in your laptop, press the power button and hope the tabs you were on got saved.

Well I’m here to tell you… You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best anymore because I’ve got the Google Chrome tip of the ages. The one that will help you pick right up where you left off.

Here’s how you’ll do it…

So, in the settings area, there are three dots in the upper right for a PC and on a Mac you can go to edit and then settings in your menu in the upper left. As you scroll down right in the settings area you can choose Open a New Tab or Continue Where You Left Off, and there you have it your lost tabs magically reappear again!

This is my ass-saving trick for when I lose my tabs. After I adjust this setting, I open my browser back up, and it opens up with everything exactly as it was. So simple and brilliant, right? It’s a timesaver that I hope saves you a bunch of time on your next reboot. This is something that happens to us all way too often. Share it with someone you love because this all happens to the best of us.

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