I’m coming out of the closet… as a typo fairy.

I have an eagle-eye for misaligned text, misused apostrophes, and misspelled words.

Unfortunately, I only catch those glaring errors on words that others write!

Combine that observant “gift” with my compulsion to help people, and you’ve got me – Dara! – the typo fairy who has actually been known to email people anonymously about the spelling errors on their websites, on their Facebook updates, and ads… you name it, I’ve noticed it and said something. (Usually without revealing my name.)

WHY am I telling you about my secret identity?

Well, I love all kinds of technology, and I’m a big believer in using tools that make you more efficient in your business or everyday life.

Here’s one tool that helps me catch my own typos.

It’s a free app/website/web browser add-on called “Grammarly“.

Not to be confused with “grammerly”, its under-performing second cousin – dare we call him the black sheep of the family?!

You can install Grammarly as a plugin on your web browser, and a handy red underline will let you know when you accidentally or ironically misspell words (like Grammar with an E), or when you should be using a comma or a dash in your sentences. Of course, it doesn’t catch everything, but it’s a great little leg up in this crazy world of typos.

Go check out Grammarly for yourself… and I hope you love it! (Feel free to report back.)

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