When I was first creating my course Get Productive with G Suite, one of my best biz buddies confessed that she – as a solopreneur! – was spending $48/month on her Google Workspace account.

WHAT THE WHAT?! But Mandy, I said to her, you’re just one person. How many separate inboxes do you need?

You don’t need separate inboxes for every email address.

Turns out that someone along the way had told her that she needed a SEPARATE INBOX for every EMAIL ADDRESS and she’d never questioned it or known otherwise.

In Google Workspace, you are charged per USER.

Every USER has an INBOX.

But every INBOX (or USER) can have up to 31 email addresses that land in that inbox!

Some great examples would be…

  • if you have a name like Tracey and are tired of people not noticing the E in your name and emailing tracy@ instead of tracey@, you can simply add tracy@ as an alias to your tracey@ inbox
  • if you want to be able to use hello@ and support@ and info@ and questions@ … you can, and they’ll all land in the same inbox.

In fact, you can also add those aliases as “from” email addresses in your Gmail account.

So now, you can have 5 email addresses – hello@, support@, info@, questions@ and yourname@ YourDomain dot com – and only pay for ONE user at $6* instead of $30 per month. Yes, please.

*based on the price of one user in the starter plan in USD

So let’s look at how to do make this magic happen…

How to add multiple email addresses to one inbox in Google Workspace

  1. Log into your Google Workspace Admin Panel
  2. Open the Users section > click Create an alternate email address (email alias)
  3. Start typing the user (inbox) you want to add additional emails to, and select the one you want from the dropdown, then click PROCEED
  4. The window will jump directly to the “Alternate email addresses (email alias)” area for that user and you can enter any alternate email aliases you want to have attached to that user.

Note that if, like in my example with Mandy above, you already have users with the email address you’re trying to filter into this inbox, you will need to move the data (emails and all other Google Account contents) before deleting the user and adding the alias.

This is a multi-step undertaking, for which you might like to have guidance. You can chat into Google Workspace tech support for free, or you can hire someone like me to walk through all the steps of data migration, ensure full continuity and no lost data.

How to add those aliases as “from” email addresses in your Gmail account

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Click the gear in the upper right, and click See all settings
  3. Click the Accounts tab
  4. In the ‘Send mail as” section, click Add another email address
  5. In the pop up, type in the email address of the alias.
    (Using the examples above, if you were adding [email protected] as an alias in the steps above in your Google Workspace Admin, then you would add [email protected] in the pop up window inside Gmail.) Note that you can also edit how your name appears for each separate email alias.
  6. Click Next Step >>
  7. Note that at this point, it should automatically add it to the list of Send mail as aliases, because it’s already properly set up in the back end. There should be no verification code required.
  8. Also note that you can choose whether the replies to emails received should come from the default address or the address the message was sent to by changing these radio buttons:
  9. And finally, when you click to Compose a new message, or are replying to an email, you will now have the option to choose which email address you are replying or composing from:

Don’t forget that as a paying Google Workspace user, you have access to Google support for free. Their chat is supremely helpful and thorough, so I would use that support to troubleshoot if the above steps don’t work or don’t quite make sense!