If your Gmail Storage is nearly full, did you know that you can easily isolate the emails that are taking up the most storage space in your Gmail account?

If your storage is reaching its limit (and you aren’t in the mood to pay Google for a space upgrade – there are lots of reasons one wouldn’t be willing to do that), this is a trick I taught my Dad a few years ago, and Gmail has recently made it even easier to do with the advanced search dropdown filter:

Here, among other things, you can toss a number into the Size field and see what kinds of old emails that have large attachments you can delete. (You could also forward old emails to a separate archive email account if you’re a data hoarder like me.)

Note that once you delete them from your mail, you’ll have to also delete them from your Trash for the space to be cleared… and the space update isn’t instantaneous – give it an hour or three if you don’t see your newfound storage space cleared up immediately.

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