Get Your Gmail Email Signature to show at the end of YOUR Email…

… Not at the bottom of ALL the emails!

Make sure your “sign-off” is SEEN!

If you are using the Gmail email signature inside of Gmail Webmail, then you must make this tiny adjustment to your email signature settings to ensure your email signature is visible when you’re corresponding by email.

This is a 30-second setting tweak in your Gmail Account that will get your email signature in front of everyone instead of no one.

By default, your email signature shows at the bottom of the Gmail thread of back-and-forth-emails, rather than at the bottom of the email that you just wrote (where it should be!).

(Not sexy. Not cool. Not convenient. And definitely not useful!)

Gmail Email Signature in the wrong spot

Those three little dots that you see at the bottom of your email composition hide this fact from you, but all Gmail accounts present the email signature at the very bottom of the whole email thread… UNTIL you fix it.

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Here’s how to get your Gmail Email Signature to appear immediately below your email:

  1. Click on the GEAR in the upper right of your webmail.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Scroll down the page (you’ll be on the General tab) to the Signature section.
  4. CHECK THE BOX that says “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it.”
  5. Scroll down a little further and click Save Changes.

Voila! Your Gmail email signature will now show up right below your emails.

Wasn’t that easy?!

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Now that your signature is showing up in the right spot – how about creating a snazzy design for your email signature?

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