Google Drive isn’t just good at storing your files, sharing documents, and allowing collaborations on Docs and Sheets – it’s got the best-in-class search functionality, too.

Here’s how to up-level your Drive search “game”…

Rather than just typing a name or word(s) into the Drive search bar, use the power of Advanced Search.

Click the advanced filter icon on the search bar to reveal all the ways you can search through your Google Drive files.

Fully understanding what you can search BY will help motivate you to NAME your files more helpfully for future searches.

Example: adding a date created to the file name (since you can’t search by that), using a consistent naming convention, etc.

Use advanced tactics in search, like narrowing by file type, and/or searching only in certain folders, and/or searching for files that do NOT contain certain words in the file and/or searching for files that do not contain certain words in the file *name* to help you find your Google Drive contents faster.

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p.s. (Hack #8) This blog post is part of a series called Top 40 Google Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Been Using All Along. Download the whole handy Top 40 Google Hacks PDF.