Voilà – the full call replay, jampacked with Marketing Magic setup tips and tricks:

Straight from Transcript Magic – generated in mere minutes – using the audio of the 1h14min Zoom call:

We talked about exciting updates and features of Marketing Magic, including improvements in tone and language, website optimization tools, and the ability to set up your brand more easily.

  • Users can now make the AI-generated content sound more like their own voice.
  • The website optimization tools provide keyword suggestions and actionable tips.
  • The brand extractor feature simplifies the process of setting up a brand profile.
  • Pricing details for personal and commercial licenses, including discounts and payment plans.

Important: Commercial *Lifetime* Licenses go away FOREVER after tomorrow (March 29, 2024) – use coupon DARA200 for $200 off if you want to purchase a commercial license or upgrade to commercial from a Personal Lifetime License. Log into your dashboard, or start with a free trial here (aff link) and then click Commercial in your dashboard to see current pricing options.

Personal Lifetime Licenses​ are available at a sweet discount until April 2nd, plus you can use the coupon code DARA10 to get an extra 10% off the already discounted price. Start your free trial here (aff link) and then give it a whirl and fall in love.

  • Exclusive perks for lifetime license owners, such as expert sessions and a funnels challenge.
  • Availability of co-working calls for support and accountability (from Dara!).

Recurring themes on the call:

  • The importance of tone of voice in marketing
  • The benefits of using marketing magic for business growth
  • Updates and improvements to Marketing Magic features
  • Saving time and effort in marketing tasks
  • The availability of lifetime licenses for personal and commercial use