🥳🥳 There’s FINALLY an (affordable) alternative to Deadline Funnel! 🥳 🥳
And it’s on a Lifetime Deal for $67 to $164*.

I had my eye on Deadline Funnel on and off for years, and recently dropped $948 on a yearly subscription to their very fancy (and honestly, kinda complicated) email and landing page countdown software.

I’m delighted to announce that I WON’T be renewing that nearly-$1k-annual-expense…

…because my friend Yael Bendahan (thank you!) just turned me on to a new Lifetime Deal on a strong Deadline Funnel competitor: Countdown Hero (affiliate link).

Not only is Countdown Hero a great tool for any person who does any email marketing, but a tool like this is FINALLY AFFORDABLE because of the Lifetime Deal.

I’m about to** redo all my automations and welcome emails / nurture emails, so the timing on this purchase is absolutely perfect.

If you can see value – now, or in the next year – of having a tool like this in your arsenal, then check out Countdown Hero while the price is still just $67 (or $164 for unlimited).

*Basic Countdown Hero is $67 and comes with 5 timers and 2,000 contacts. For $97 extra, I upgraded to unlimited contacts and timers. Well worth the extra in my opinion, especially since it’s Lifetime. If you purchase Countdown Hero, the $97 unlimited upgrade is offered after the $67 purchase.

Proud affiliate link to purchase this deal: https://withdara.com/countdown

If I’m getting ahead of myself, and you’re like – Dara, what-the-heck is Deadline Funnel / Countdown Hero, let me explain:


  • Both tools offer a special technology that can create PERSONAL countdown timers (on sales pages/checkout pages/emails) for each email subscriber you have.
  • Ex: If I’m running a time-sensitive promotion that starts when someone signs up to my email list, I put a timer that uniquely shows up in THEIR email and when they click through to the sales page of whatever I’m promoting. The timer runs on a unique timeline based on when they signed up. (If they open the email or click the link from another device, the timer is still unique-to-them.)
  • These are called “evergreen” countdown timers and great to encourage people to take action. Most importantly, it is a great way to give a genuinely expiring opportunity to people that is almost certain to boost sales conversion rates.
  • There are also date-based timers, ideal for open/closed cart situations (like an open cart period that ends on May 1, 5pm) – giving you synchronized email and sales page timers that automatically redirect people once the promotion ends.
  • Deadline Funnel is a subscription-based software, but Countdown Hero appears to check all the boxes of my own use-cases and only cost $164* for lifetime access.


Check out Countdown Hero before they end their Lifetime Deal!