I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts. Everyone should be adding new and wonderful shortcuts to their computer skills as often as they have bandwidth to do so.

So today, I’m bringing you one of the sneakiest keyboard shortcuts… Ctrl-K / Cmd-K.

What does it do?

In (all kinds of) text editors, Ctrl-K inserts a hyperlink at the text cursor’s location or on the highlighted word(s)!

Places like… Google Docs/Sheets, Gmail compose window, Google Calendar description area, WordPress text areas, Active Campaign as you’re writing an email campaign, Asana in the description or comments. The list goes on. Try it out and see where else it works!

Ctrl-K works differently in web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge – if your cursor is not inside a text editor – it starts a search bar using your default search engine at the top of your screen.

Learning a new keyboard shortcut is like learning a new word and working it into your vocabulary to communicate better and better over time. You don’t need to learn 10 of them at once, just pick up one new one at a time. Use it. Love it. Let it sink in. Let it give you joy, speed, productivity. And then repeat.

I hope Ctrl-K is one that you add to your fingertips!