What good is a reminder pop-up that doesn’t nudge you again, once the time passes?

Google has two built-in tasks options that integrate with your Google Calendar:

1) Google Tasks. If you add a date to a task, it will show in your Google Calendar under “Tasks”.

However, tasks with dates that have passed don’t nag you effectively because they just sit on your task list, and on your calendar in the past!

2) Google Keep. A Google Keep note with a reminder date assigned to it will show in your Google Calendar under “Reminders”.

However, if you don’t complete a reminder from Keep, it will “redate” itself to the current day and follow you around your calendar until you redate or complete it!

Google Keep has LOADS more functionality than just that, but now you have a tip on how to make sure you don’t forget important reminders.

Want to learn more about Google Keep? There’s a module dedicated to it inside of the wildly popular Get Productive with G Suite course.

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