Suddenly struck by inspiration, you rush to open a new document to start pouring your heart and soul out through your keyboard…

…Only the number of clicks and icons and visuals in the way of getting to that blank page, throws your creativity off track and suddenly you’re thinking of your to-do list, instead of the perfectly worded headline you just thought of and were about to write out.

Let’s turn creating a new Google Doc or Google Sheet (or Presentation, or Form) into a ONE CLICK or ONE STEP process, shall we?

We can call it DOT NEW, and here’s how it works:

Type or or or into your web browser’s address bar and see what happens.

Doing this places a shiny new document into your top-level Google Drive folder.

Note that if you’re signed into more than one Google Account, the doc is created in the first Google Account you are signed into. If you regularly want to create docs in another Google account, it might be time to look into using separate Chrome Profiles.

You can even turn these into Bookmarks to make creating a new Doc, Sheet, Slide or Form a one-click experience by dragging the links that are in the post above right into your bookmarks bar.

See the most meta version of a video demo of this speedy bookmarking process here:

OR you can drag any webpage onto your bookmark bar, and then edit the new bookmark so that the URL is or (or whichever one you want one click away). You can leave the name empty to just have the favicon show up, or you can name it doc, sheet, etc – whatever suits your Bookmarking style.

See the 20 second demo of this manual bookmarking process here:

Whichever route you took, VOILA and CONGRATS! You now have a one-click or one-step access to a shiny new sheet or doc or slide deck or form.

* also works with plural, like,,, and a few other terms – but hey, the fewer letters to type, the better!