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Replay: Expert Tips for Extracting Smooth-Like-Buttah Content from Marketing Magic

Voilà – the full call replay, jampacked with Marketing Magic setup tips and tricks:  Straight from Transcript Magic – generated in mere minutes – using the audio of the 1h14min Zoom call: We talked about exciting updates and features of Marketing Magic, including improvements in tone and language, website optimization tools, and the ability […]

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Hi, I'm Dara!

Have I mentioned I loved maximizing efficiencies? My (healthy) obsession helped me simplify and scale my business, and I know they’ll do the same for you too. Remember; I’m also a Google Tools ninja and certified Funnel Gorgeous Master Marketer. So if you’ve been looking for a queen of ALL things tech and marketing, you’ve found your gal.


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Time Saving Google Hacks

Download this whack of eye-popping, mind-boggling, time-saving Google Tools hacks now!

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