Google Slides

The "Gateway Drug" of Keyboard Shortcuts

The One With The Google Slides Tips

Google Slides deserve some attention in this series, and I’m going to give you a few goodies in one go. If you know, love and use Google Slides, you’ll be sure to appreciate a few of my favorites: Start a new presentation from scratch by typing (or into your address bar. However, who […]

How to Organize Google Drive's "Shared With Me"

How to Organize Google Drive’s “Shared With Me”

Wouldn’t it be nice if Drive’s “Shared with me” wasn’t just a dumping ground of every document link you’ve ever clicked, and every random file that’s ever been shared with you? Sadly, you can’t actually rename, sort or organize Drive’s “Shared with me,” so the solution is to create shortcuts, and organize/rename THOSE. To create […]

Create a New Google Doc, Sheet, Slide or Form with This Fun Shortcut

Create a New Google Doc, Sheet, Slide or Form with This One-Click Shortcut

Suddenly struck by inspiration, you rush to open a new document to start pouring your heart and soul out through your keyboard… …Only the number of clicks and icons and visuals in the way of getting to that blank page, throws your creativity off track and suddenly you’re thinking of your to-do list, instead of […]

Instantly Force a Document to Copy with this Little Trick

Instantly Force a Google Doc or Sheet to Copy with this Fun Trick

The ease of sharing Google Docs and Sheets is one of the reasons we love Google Drive, and use it so often. However, what if you want the person you’re sharing the Doc or Sheet with to make a copy without having to explain how to make the copy? Gone are the days of putting […]

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