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How To Convert An *Image* Of Text, To Actual Text (In Under A Minute) Using Google Keep

Have you ever MANUALLY RE-TYPED text you could see in an image / screenshot?I mean – typed out lots of text – sentences or paragraphs!Well, I’m here to save you from needless typing and show you how to convert an *image* of text, to actual text (in under a minute) using Google Keep. Here’s a 37-second demo […]

Create Sticky Calendar Reminders using Google Keep's Notes, as Tasks

Create Sticky Calendar Reminders using Google Keep’s Notes, as Tasks

What good is a reminder pop-up that doesn’t nudge you again, once the time passes? Google has two built-in tasks options that integrate with your Google Calendar: 1) Google Tasks. If you add a date to a task, it will show in your Google Calendar under “Tasks”. However, tasks with dates that have passed don’t […]

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