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Instantly Force a Document to Copy with this Little Trick

Instantly Force a Google Doc or Sheet to Copy with this Fun Trick

The ease of sharing Google Docs and Sheets is one of the reasons we love Google Drive, and use it so often. However, what if you want the person you’re sharing the Doc or Sheet with to make a copy without having to explain how to make the copy? Gone are the days of putting […]

Google Drive File Naming Best Practice: Include a Date (and thank me later)!

Google Drive File Naming Best Practice: Include a Date (and thank me later)!

Talking about File Naming Conventions can really open up a can of worms, so I’m not going to go there. I am, however, going to plant a seeds with you for improving your Google Drive file naming. Simply: Add a date-created to your file name. Why? Because Google Drive doesn’t allow you to search by a […]

Don't Lose Access to Important Data in Google Drive's "Shared With Me"

Don’t Lose Access to Important Files in Google Drive’s “Shared With Me”

Files that appear in Google Drive’s Shared with me section don’t take up space in your Google Account storage because you don’t own those files. But the less-awesome flipside to that storage-capacity benefit is that the owner of those files could, at any time without any notice or warning… remove your access to the file, […]

Shockingly-Easy Google Drive Declutter Trick

Declutter Your Google Drive with this Shockingly-Easy Trick

Every time you create a new file in Google Drive (unless you create it in a folder or move it intentionally into a folder), it sits loosely in the main (top level) Google Drive. For most people, that means dozens or even hundreds of loose files, “unfiled” inside of Google Drive. If you name your […]

Find Your Emails and Files Faster, Using Gmail & Drive Advanced Search

Find Your Files Faster, Using Google Drive Advanced Search

Google Drive isn’t just good at storing your files, sharing documents, and allowing collaborations on Docs and Sheets – it’s got the best-in-class search functionality, too. Here’s how to up-level your Drive search “game”… Rather than just typing a name or word(s) into the Drive search bar, use the power of Advanced Search. Click the […]

Search and FIND Like a Pro Using the *Minus* in All Kinds of Searches

Search and FIND Like a Pro Using the *Minus* in All Kinds of Searches

There is a search trick that a lot of people don’t know about… it’s the “negative” keyword. If your initial search through your Gmail archives, Google Drive or even itself yields too many results, put a minus in front of a word you don’t want appearing in your results. Make sure there’s no space […]

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