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Sometimes Productivity Looks Like White Space

Have you ever felt compelled to clear the surface of your desk before digging into a project? Or clear your kitchen counters before you start cooking*? Last night, after impulse-buying a snowblower online while lying in bed (shhh don’t tell my husband – it’s a surprise!), I decided I would go through my phone apps […]


Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row (+ your head out of the sand)

Sometimes, I want you to be like Dara. But sometimes, I really really (really really) don’t. Have you ever asked yourself what you would do differently in your business, if you knew then what you know now? Well I’m here to confess the one mistake that I repeated over and over when I started my business over […]


Happy Birthday To Me (reflecting on my “Simplify” goal)

Yup, I’m FORTY. I’m not sure how that happened. I mean, I feel like I’m 25. The gray hairs say otherwise. The crinkles when I smile say otherwise. My improved wisdom says otherwise. [My smart-assed nature, on the other hand… has always been around.] And amazingly, I have arrived at forty having recently achieved a […]

Four Gifts of Hindsight After Recovering from (way too many) Injuries

Four Gifts of Hindsight After Recovering from (way too many) Injuries

Inspiration + Important Takeaways (Deep Thoughts, by Dara) Let me start this post with my conclusion because the preamble is a little long and I don’t want you to miss out. As you may know, I started a new business in the last two years. But you may not know that it was because my life […]

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Hi, I'm Dara!

Have I mentioned I loved maximizing efficiencies? My (healthy) obsession helped me simplify and scale my business, and I know they’ll do the same for you too. Remember; I’m also a Google Tools ninja and certified Funnel Gorgeous Master Marketer. So if you’ve been looking for a queen of ALL things tech and marketing, you’ve found your gal.


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