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How to Host a Successful Digital Product Bundle Without a Team

Pre-TL;DR – After taking tens of thousands of dollars worth of trainings over the last 7 years, The Bundle Formula has been the most COMPREHENSIVE, the most HELPFUL and CLEAR step-by-step course I’ve ever taken… not to mention with the best course ROI. I cannot recommend this “How to Host a Successful Digital Product Bundle” […]


Google Horror Story – Make Sure You Control Your Google Workspace Account

I want to tell you a scary story. No spooky, like “around the campfire” scary story… … but like Business Owner scary story. In case you don’t read very far down this post, let me start with the moral of the story: BE SURE *YOU’RE* THE ONE IN CONTROL OF YOUR GOOGLE WORKSPACE ADMIN PANEL. […]


The Gold-Standard Turnkey System for Hosting a Digital Product Bundle: The Bundle Formula

TL;DR: Bundles are awesome. And having access to the gold-standard turnkey system to host a bundle? Priceless. And worth looking at more closely. On Wednesday, my friend Dama walked through the results of her Lazy Funnel Bundle. She didn’t just talk about the money from sales of the bundle, but the residual revenue as a side […]


You can now buy Get Productive with G Suite in CAD $ 🍁

Call it a marketing experiment. Or a favour (yep, there’s a U in that word) to my fellow Canadians. But I’ve set up a page where you can purchase Get Productive with G Suite for $47 Canadian Dollars (plus GST). And any other upsells along the way are also all in Canadian funds. To be […]

Facebook Ad Summer Camp For Business Owners Free Online Event

199 students joined, BUT here are the real numbers

I made a mistake in my business 5 months ago, but I haven’t talked about it (publicly) until now. The 2018 Backstory: In 2018, I lost about $10k* when I hired a highly-regarded Facebook Ad agency. The problem was that I didn’t have a converting funnel that would support the ad spend (let alone the […]


How a bus strike and a car loan refusal led me to the love of my life

You’d never know it from the pics I post on social, but I used to be a workaholic couch potato. And I don’t mean 2022 style “I work from the couch”. I’m talking like, Dial-up and Desktop-PC 1999-style, before wifi and laptops were a thing. I worked (a lot) and came home and watched TV. […]


Brilliance In Action – How Being Organized For Your Buyers Makes For Happier Customers

Remember how I told you about the brilliant and inspiringly easy way that Dama had things set up for those who purchase The Lazy Funnel Bundle? WELLLLLL, Dama, that superhero friend of mine, actually recorded a walkthrough just for me (and you, Friend). Even if you aren’t buying the bundle, you’ll probably be inspired by how Dama […]


Avoid Bundle Redemption Overwhelm in 4 Easy Steps

Yesterday, I got a message from my student and friend Mark, who said he had bought The Lazy Funnel Bundle, and then was feeling overwhelmed by what to redeem and next steps… This is for you, Mark, & for anyone else looking for inspiration on what to redeem and how to stay out of overwhelm! […]

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