The dreaded email… “[Action Required] Upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription”

I just got terrible news, and you might have as well.

If you were one of the OG (lucky) ones to have a free G Suite legacy account (like Google Workspace, but free), our glory days are over as of July 2022.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about – this is NOT free Gmail – this is for FREE G Suite Accounts, that were set up prior to 2012.

Check your mail at your free email G Suite address and you’ll probably see something like this:

The reason I wanted to share this breaking news with you right away is that MOVING DATA IN AND OUT OF GOOGLE ACCOUNTS is sadly not as easy as one would like.

Google’s email says that you can “just use Google Takeout” to move data, but there are other factors (emails, continuity of shared docs, forms) that you will definitely want to take into consideration so as not to lose access to those old emails, files, photos, etc.

Some people I know (here’s looking at you, Dad) have a dozen or more email accounts in their legacy free G Suite accounts, and will suddenly be looking at an additional ~$1000+ annual expense to keep their current inboxes and data storage as is.

Because the Legacy inboxes were free, many just created new inboxes to deal with storage limits or as alternate email addresses, instead of consolidating their aliases into one inbox.

Are you going to just start paying, and keep things as is?
OR, are you going to…

  • switch to a free Gmail account (maybe with paid storage) and forward your emails there?
  • upgrade to paid Google Workspace from the Legacy plan? but pare down the # of users you have, which means merging and migrating data
  • move your domains into another/existing (paid) Google Workspace account? which means merging and migrating data

… the real issue is – if you’re not just going to upgrade and start paying for Google Workspace (after more than a decade of it being free), your next step will involve planning, deciding and executing a big G-MIGRATION!

Merging and migrating data is no joke! Emails get moved in a different way than Drive files than calendars and contacts. What about Google Photos? The data-hoarder in me can empathize!

Oh, and don’t forget about your YouTube account. I deleted mine, once.
That’s a story for another day.

If you are going to do some Google Account (and data) reorganizing as a result of this change, then you’ll want NEED some experienced advice and support.

Introducing G-MIGRATION with Dara: A choose-your-own adventure style course, where you just pick and choose the tutorials and training path to watch based on your specific Google Account and Data situation and goals.

And… I have an amazing pre-sale offer for you, including a personalized support option.

Coming March 1st:
G-Migration with Dara

  • Incredible opportunity to pre-buy this course at 50% off, until Feb 1, 2022
  • First 10 buyers will get a 20 minute Zoom data-migration-planning call with me (book by Feb 10, 2022)
  • Pop Up Facebook Group for G-Migration collaboration and a Q&A thread
  • Optional add-on: 15 days of Loom support

NOTE: The timing of this pre-sale is because of this Legacy G Suite announcement, but the course will cover Google Data and Account consolidation and migration for Gmail, Google Worksace, and Legacy G Suite accounts.

If you have Google Accounts and data to merge or migrate, this course is the support and guidance that you need.

G-Migration has always been a hot topic with my Get Productive with G Suite students, and I’m SO excited to share this opportunity to get your G-Data Decluttered, with help from yours truly.

See you there!