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How to Effortlessly Back Up Your Phone’s Digital Photos and Videos to Dropbox

With the volume of photos that we take every day/week/month/year, two problems arise for most of the smartphone-carrying population. Your digital photos aren’t safely backed up (and you’d be pretty devastated to lose them in a tech mishap). OR Your digital photos are mostly lumped into a giant pile of “I’ll sort these, one day”. […]

How to Catch Your Own Typos using Grammarly

How to Catch Your Own Typos using Grammarly

I’m coming out of the closet… as a typo fairy. I have an eagle-eye for misaligned text, misused apostrophes, and misspelled words. Unfortunately, I only catch those glaring errors on words that others write! Combine that observant “gift” with my compulsion to help people, and you’ve got me – Dara! – the typo fairy who has actually been […]


Gmail Email Signature Problem Solved in 30 Seconds

Get Your Gmail Email Signature to show at the end of YOUR Email… … Not at the bottom of ALL the emails! Make sure your “sign-off” is SEEN! If you are using the Gmail email signature inside of Gmail Webmail, then you must make this tiny adjustment to your email signature settings to ensure your […]

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Hi, I'm Dara!

Have I mentioned I loved maximizing efficiencies? My (healthy) obsession helped me simplify and scale my business, and I know they’ll do the same for you too. Remember; I’m also a Google Tools ninja and certified Funnel Gorgeous Master Marketer. So if you’ve been looking for a queen of ALL things tech and marketing, you’ve found your gal.


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