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Business Bundle Transparency – the WHYs (or the WISE 🙄)?

Yesterday, I introduced you to my friend Dama Jue, and her the Lazy Funnel Bundle that is for sale for the next 5 days. However, I also promised to tell you more about bundles, so here I am! When I first heard the term “bundle,” (and then promptly bought one) – I literally had no idea what I […]


The Lazy Funnel Bundle – Meet Dama

It’s nearly midnight PST and I’m (silent) (zoom) coworking with my Biz Bestie, Dama Jue. Tomorrow (well, actually in like 0.67 hours), Dama is launching her Lazy Funnel Bundle. I think it’s really easy to ignore/underestimate/forget HOW MUCH WORK goes on behind the scenes in any business that launches a product, a service, an offer, a summit, a […]


Breaking (Bad) News: for the OG Free Legacy G Suite Users

The dreaded email… “[Action Required] Upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription” I just got terrible news, and you might have as well. If you were one of the OG (lucky) ones to have a free G Suite legacy account (like Google Workspace, but free), our glory days are over as of July 2022. Don’t worry […]


Sometimes Productivity Looks Like White Space

Have you ever felt compelled to clear the surface of your desk before digging into a project? Or clear your kitchen counters before you start cooking*? Last night, after impulse-buying a snowblower online while lying in bed (shhh don’t tell my husband – it’s a surprise!), I decided I would go through my phone apps […]

Juggling Multiple Google Accounts? Try Chrome Profiles.

Juggling Multiple Google Account Logins? Try Chrome Profiles.

One of the best things about using Google Chrome on your computer, tablet, laptop, phone is that it can sync your passwords and bookmarks (to each of those devices). You just have to sign into Chrome (using your Google account – like your Gmail login) to take advantage of that syncing feature. But – two […]

Most Important File Naming Consideration: Will The File Leave Your Computer?

Most Important File Naming Consideration: Will The File Leave Your Computer?

Trying to name files properly drives most people crazy. But there’s one incredibly simple thing you can consider when you name a file that will truly be kinder to every person you ever send files to. Let me get on my soapbox and say: IF A FILE IS LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER, include your name (or […]


Google Workspace Users: Save Money with Fewer Inboxes, using Email Aliases

When I was first creating my course Get Productive with G Suite, one of my best biz buddies confessed that she – as a solopreneur! – was spending $48/month on her Google Workspace account. WHAT THE WHAT?! But Mandy, I said to her, you’re just one person. How many separate inboxes do you need? You […]

The "Gateway Drug" of Keyboard Shortcuts

The One With The Google Slides Tips

Google Slides deserve some attention in this series, and I’m going to give you a few goodies in one go. If you know, love and use Google Slides, you’ll be sure to appreciate a few of my favorites: Start a new presentation from scratch by typing (or into your address bar. However, who […]

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