Yesterday, I got a message from my student and friend Mark, who said he had bought The Lazy Funnel Bundle, and then was feeling overwhelmed by what to redeem and next steps…

This is for you, Mark, & for anyone else looking for inspiration on what to redeem and how to stay out of overwhelm!

(I know I said that I was going to tell you what I loved about Dama’s tech automations and behind the scenes setup of The Lazy Funnel Bundle, but I am going to save that for tomorrow.)

Here’s my process to avoid bundle overwhelm:

  1. I am going to sign up for the bundle items that I want (or will want) in the next 6 months. I’ll do all redemptions in one sitting.
  2. I made myself a Bookmark folder in Chrome, and am saving the links to each product that I redeem in there. (I’m also using Dama’s purchase tracker that is an add-on to the bundle. It’s #slickAF.)
  3. I’m going to pick one product (TBD) that will help my business NOW and put a 2 hour block in my calendar so that I can tackle it. I might even schedule this during some virtual co-working time for accountability.
  4. When I work on each product, I will make it its own Bookmarks folder and then fill that folder with any relevant things that I learn or do.
  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

For this post, I started writing out the products that I was interested in for you to see, and then the list got so long, that I stopped listing them to keep this email to a dull roar.

Here are 14 of the first items that caught my eye, that I will redeem in the next week:

  • Monica Snyder – Dig & Dill, value $197
    Quick-Launch Email Funnel System that Will Take You From “What Do My Readers Want to Buy?” to “Product Delivered”
    ^^ Monica is brilliant and I love to hear her in action at all times.
  • Aprille Reed – Winning With Mini Webinars – Value $197
    Create a 10-15 minute webinar presentation to sell your low-ticket products and high-end offers without the overwhelm.
    ^^ Dama was raving about Aprille’s system the other day, and I can’t wait to check it out.
  • Vittoria Daelli – Accessibility Made Simple Action Plan Workshop – value $47
    This workshop will cover how to approach accessibility using tools and techniques to eliminate barriers.
    ^^ SUPER interested in this topic, and looking forward to learning from Vittoria.
  • Leanne Scott – The Digital Product Starter Kit – Value $97
    Get 400 product ideas, 100 promo prompts, launch roadmap, promo templates & more in this digital product starter kit
    ^^ I love me some good inspiration!
  • Michelle Murphy – Online Course/Digital product terms & conditions – Value $275
    Use this easy to fill in contract template to protect your digital products from copycats and lawsuits.
    ^^ Probably time to review my legal disclaimers sitch.
  • Gia Volpe – The WordPress Analytics Workshop – value $37
    The WordPress Funnel Analytics Workshop is designed to specifically help you track and manage your funnels
    ^^ Analytics has been on my to do list. Hoping this will help me break into it!
  • Lindsay Peragine – Launch Plan Templates for ClickUp & Trello – value $27
    Launch plans for ClickUp and Trello setup for you in MINUTES!
    ^^ She had me at “plan” and “templates”
  • Jessica Sciuva – Funnel Tracker – value $27
    Track your funnel success with this easy-to-use spreadsheet and video tutorial. Learn how to track your data consistently.
    ^^ Data tracking, necessary evil. And it probably won’t feel evil after this!
  • Mikli Jorge – What’s Zap 2: S2dent Experience (Zapier Workshop) – value $124
    Use these 3 zaps to get your students engaged in — and completing! — your course!
    ^^ I’m all for using tech to tempt students into course completion!
  • Erin Alexander – Sell Your Digital Products on Shopify! – value $79
    Selling digital products on SHOPIFY is easy & super affordable, let me show you how!
    ^^ I have a Shopify store in my future, I just know it…
  • Cheryl Rerick – WTF are Tags?! – Value $199
    Reclaim control of your email marketing and finally master the art of tag strategy to get your offers in front of the right people.
    I took a course about tagging about 4 years ago, and I’m curious what Cheryl’s approach is. Plus, “WTF are Tags” is a fun course name!!
  • Dama Jue – Confident Countdowns (ElementorPro, Thrivecart, Deadline Funnels) – value $197
    Learn the WHY & HOW behind countdown timers on funnels. Tutorials for ElementorPro, Thrivecart, and Deadline Funnels.
    ^^ This one is at the top of my list, too!
  • Dani Schnakenberg – Quickstart Guide to Funnel Automations – value $65
    Consider this your crash course on automation tools, specifically geared to getting your funnels automated FAST.
    ^^ The more you know, the more you can wrap your brain around what’s possible!
  • Erin Alexander – Simplified SEO for Shop(ify) Owners
    Bring traffic to your Shopify store by leveraging search engine optimization. No tech skills required!
    ^^ More Shopify Goodness, this is going to be fun!

Mark, I can totally see why you didn’t know where to start. If that’s you too, Friend, then here are my two approaches to take in deciding what to redeem in the bundle:

1. Categorize each item as either “now” or “soon” – and then only redeem those things. Leave anything that’s only a “maybe later”

2. Just sign up for the “nows” because you’ll still have gotten wicked value out of the bundle and you can always circle back to what you’re needing at a later stage of your business.

I hope that’s helpful!

For real this time, I’m going to circle back tomorrow to talk about Dama’s brilliance to show off the way she’s making it so very easy for bundle purchasers to redeem each of the products!

AND – In case you were wondering how last night’s lobster-boil went…

p.s. The Lazy Funnel Bundle is fully of worthwhile business-enhancing products. Grab it now because it’s only around for 3 more days, so just do us both a favor and get it today 😎

p.p.s If you already own Beyond Productive and LastPass Mastery (my two bundle contributions), buy the bundle and email me, and I’ll find you something else you’ll love.

p.p.p.s. YES! That’s an affiliate link. If you purchase the Lazy Funnel Bundle, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I would NEVER recommend something I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in and/or wouldn’t buy myself in a heartbeat.